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Juuti Consulting Ltd is a management consulting company established in 2002. Our customers consist mainly of metal industry and other technology companies.

Juuti Consulting Ltd helps customers to develop their competitiveness by

  • developing productivity and efficiency of order-delivery process
  • shortening throughput times
  • improving cost awareness by principles of Activity-based Costing (ABC)
  • helping to clear and implement strategic choices; identifying success factors of company and competitive factors of products
  • selecting the most appropriate form of production for different product groups

In Juuti Consulting Ltd our focus is to analyze and define the root causes of problems. Dr. Jouni Juuti is company´s main resource. Juuti Consulting Ltd is the founder member of Tecno Consulting Group.

Contact information:
Juuti Consulting Ltd
Jouni Juuti
Näsijärvenkatu 1 D 33
FI 33210 Tampere
Tel. +358 40 553 7701